Watch players in tournaments


We train and develop players so they can become competitive players, to assure that our work impacts them, we sometimes go watch their matches in tournaments. During the match , the coach supervises performance and take note of positive and negative aspects. We identify what went wrong and improve it in practice. Everybody plays to win but it’s not obvious to win every time, and if we don’t win, we don’t lose, we learn. Lot of players learns by mistake .Parents want instant result from their children in tournaments but the principles of sport ask for patience.


       Pete Sampras and Roger Federer , 2 greatest tennis players of all time who have the most title in men’s tennis history, who won the most matches but , at the same time , they are the most 2 tennis players who lost the most matches in their early carriers. They learned from their mistakes which made them become bigger, better, tougher and stronger.