Our kid's program

Green level or future pro tennis program is designed for 9+-year-old kids and enables them to learn tennis through a series of fun activities, based on the fundamental areas of balance, co-ordination, agility, movement and racket and ball skills. Kids learn basics of tennis such as forehand, backhand, volleys, serve and footwork. Coaches use basic teaching tools like cones, vertical and horizontal targets.


When developing, the coach uses more advanced teaching skills like speed, agility, flexibility, balance, tactics and technique. Private lessons, house league, and tournaments recommended.Players play 2 hours in a group of 10 players maximum

For Future professional and college players preparation stage, the coach uses more advanced teaching materials such as agility ladders, skipping ropes, vertical and horizontal targets, medicine and Swiss balls. Fitness classes introduced. Kids have more time to work on speed, agility, flexibility, balance, tactics and technique. This age group is beginner/intermediate and plays on the full court, use green balls and regular 27-inch rackets. The focus is about making it as much fun as possible during tennis lessons. The game-based approach is used.


This is a critical stage of development for the athlete/tennis player, as it sets the foundation for learning to be a competitive junior. In addition, this stage can determine if an athlete has an opportunity to compete at a high international level in the future. This is the stage where “you make or break an athlete” by doing the right things at the right time of the athlete’s development.

The development of perception skills is fundamental to long-term success in the sport. Players, parents, and coaches can work on these skills both on and off the court.


General Objectives

 Monitor player’s growth spurt through frequent anthropometric measurements in order to optimize the development of flexibility, speed, strength and aerobic endurance in all the physical skills.

 Consolidate learned skills from practice and apply in competitive situations.

 Balance the increase in training demands with lifestyle issues.

 Become increasingly competent in the selection and care of tennis equipment.

 Continue to develop and refine technical skills in practice.

 Consolidate a specific game style emphasizing the execution of skills in a game situation.

 Use the sports sciences in the areas of physical preparation and psychological routines to produce the ideal performance state.

 Introduce the concept of recovery and pre-habilitation through sleep, good hygiene, sports massage, hydro -therapy, nutrition, and effective warm-up in all aspects of preparation.

 Develop necessary decision-making skills to practice and compete effectively.

Green level