Lesson Cancellation

Any lesson cancellation is prior to be made 24 hours ahead to avoid any late cancellation charge. The cancellation charge is usually the full lesson amount . Students or Student's parents will be notified for lesson and class 24 hours by email , text or call and should be confirmed the same day to avoid any time conflict with other lessons and class . We DO NOT  DO any scheduling on the same day for  lesson and class   . 

Students or students' parents must notify  the coach ahead of time for any delay for lessons starting time  . This will allow him to make an arrangement with his/her next students lessons time. Any miscommunication with the coach may compromise his/her next lesson . Parents should also notify the the coach with any student pick up time delay . The will be responsible of students until parents arrivals


Rain day  

Classes are cancelled on rainy days!. The coach is responsible for calling rain - outs. He will make every effort to have class. When in doubt the coach will go to the court. The coach does not base rain outs on weather reports as they are often wrong. The coach will keep parents updated about weather condition and should call a rain out 1 hour before class starts, if it is currently raining hard or the ground is soaked due to earlier rain. The coach does not call a rain out earlier, as weather can quickly change. All parents will be notified by text we are rained out and will be emailed about a makeup schedule. If it starts to rain during class, the coach will need to stop class and call rain out. The coach should walk the kids to a safe place and should let know all parents of kids to come pick up their child and where to find them. If a text does not go through, then they will be called on the numbers. The coach should stay with all players until they are picked up. This should not take more than 10-15 minutes.



If a child gets hurt in the class, either on purpose or by accident and even if it seems mild, the coach should stop coaching and immediately go over to the child to find out what happened. He will try to calm them down and show concern. It’s OK to take a minute out of the class to comfort a child. He is showing the kids he cares about them.


If the accident is minor, the coach will suggest that they sit down for a minute and have some water. He can give them a band-aide or an ice pack if it would help.  He will be sure to check on them within the next 5 minutes and invite them back to play if they have not already rejoined the class.  If after 10 minutes they have still not rejoined the class, the coach offers them the option of remaining sat out for more time. If they still don’t want to rejoin, the coach should suggest them to be picked up earlier by their parents.


If the accident is serious, the coach should stop the entire class and call their parents immediately. 

The coach needs to be the one to tell the parents about this accident.  If the parent is picking up, then he can tell them when they arrive. He will tell them how their child was hurt and how he took care of it. He will ask them to check on their child when they get home. That proves that He Shows concern.


If a child hurts another child on purpose, the coach will sideline them for the rest of the day and make it clear that we do not tolerate aggressive behavior we are here to have fun and learn a great sport!  We will call their parents and they will get one chance to correct their behavior before being dismissed from class permanently.  I realize accidents can happen. We need to show parents we are taking good care of their kids, when something happens.



 Please make sure to agree with our payment policy before signing up to our program ! 

Payment for lessons must be paid in advance when booked and should be renewed the final day of existing lesson if students wish to continue with the program . The 6 pack must be used within 3 months of purchase and the 10 pack should be used within 6 months of purchase.

students or parents must communicate with us when they need to take time off for a trip for example or for some other reasons after booking lessons and should notify us when back in town to avoid any misunderstanding 


students must use all lessons in the package before leaving our program because we do not issue a refund for lessons purchase for the simple fact that payments received are used for equipment purchase and courts rental . Any students who already joined our program and later wish to leave without complying with these regulations will be in violation of our policy and we reserve the right to not issue them any refund