Junior development

This program will be focusing on the 11 to 17 years old players who have some tennis experience, are serious about tennis, but have had little or no competitive experience. This could be players in a club environment looking to grow their game more aggressively, or USTA Novice and Challenger players looking to improve more quickly as well. This program is designed for the juniors to train and to compete at the middle school /high school and/or USTA level. The program is geared toward using the fundamentals to develop strategy and court positioning.


This program will introduce grips, different spins, footwork, core strength and balance. The intensity of fitness program also increases. Within this program, players will move to different activities. Players play 2 hours in a group of 10 players and up. Coaches will make note of what players do incorrectly and find ways to help them improve by changing what is wrong into positive encouragements and suggestions of what to do and how to do it will build both confidence and tennis skills While the coach’s job with this age group of players is to create a no - threatening positive environment where the fear of failure does not exist.  


A positive environment promotes learning, is enjoyable and develops confidence. The evidence is that it also determines levels retention in a sport because of the impact that this wide range of physical, as well as mental and emotional development, has on technical and tactical ability.


General Objective

The objective of coaching this age group is to be able to attract to, and to retain young players in, the sport when coaches can differentiate every activity to ensure relevant levels of practice and experience for every player, then players of whatever standard will feel good about their tennis.