Adult Development 


Adults sign up for class because they have much specific tennis and general experience that enables them to try new ideas and activities in a comfortable and appropriate environment. They have made the decision personally to learn and or play tennis in their spare time so high quality programs that are enjoyable and purposeful are essential for them. Most adults sign up for class for general leaning but some of them come for individual needs which help them became better players.


Often the adult wants to improve a specific stroke like the backhand volley in order to be a better double player, or play in a league and the challenge of doing so will be taken on. Many adults book session in order to get a good hit or wants to play points. That’s why our adults tennis program is been designed with deferent teaching skills and style to satisfy the needs of our adult players by putting the player’s needs first , modify his own behavior in response to the player , demonstrate high standard of personal behavior all the time an treat every player in a consistent and fair manner at all time . This program is designed for any adult 20 – 90 years old. This age group level of play can be beginner/ intermediate and semi-advance


The general objective in this program is to take every player through the entire game situation in single and double when learning and developing all technics and tactics to improve their motor skills to become better and competitive players.     



A suggested structure of the adults’ tennis program  


Intro the game situations

Learn to Rally – Basic Techniques / developing consistency from the base line

Developing a basic serve and return

Learning/ playing with tie break scoring

Moving the opponent from the baseline and maintaining good position

Moving the opponent using a basic serve and return

Understanding court positioning in singles

Learning to score in a set/match

Learning to play from the net in singles

Combining different games situation in singles

Learning to play basic double as a team/ doubles court positioning

Playing one up, one back formation

Serve a return in doubles  

Learning to play from the net in doubles

Playing singles and doubles with normal scoring

Plating a singles and doubles competition experimenting with different game situations and game styles